Michael J. Ferro, Executive Chef

Michael J. Ferro graduated from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY in 1987. Upon graduation and completion of his externship under renowned Chef John Walsh at B. Smith’s Restaurant in New York City, Michael began working as Executive Chef in one of the top country clubs in the Westchester area.

Michael got his first taste of catering in 1993, as he quickly learned how to meet, maintain, and exceed food quality and service expectations. In the following years, Michael continued to climb the ladder of success by taking on increasing business responsibilities with numerous restaurants and catering companies, which helped him get noticed by several tv personalities and Wall Street top executives. This encouraged Michael to officially branch out in the catering world as a Private Chef, while continuing his rise in the corporate and private event catering space.

In 2006, while working as Executive Chef at Plum Pure Foods, Michael created Ferro Catering to provide the area with gourmet catering for special events, private parties, and catered dinners, as well as personal chef services. Michael worked to grow both businesses, and took over Plum Pure Foods in 2014 at the special request of the previous owner, Jon Brennan.

With decades of knowledge and experience, Michael has become an expert in the catering world, as well as one of the area's top private chefs.